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cover up... wrap your wrists in gauze.. fill your heart with cause

is this real or not? no

hating to love/loving to hate... its all the same
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eh.. im a lazy ass so ill fill this out later.

12 stones, 2pac, 3 days grace, 30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, academy scraps, adema, adult swim, afi, allister, anime, antifreeze, atreyu, bam margera, beloved, big o, bjork, blindside, blink 182, bowling for soup, box car racer, boy hits car, boy sets fire, brand new, breathing, bright eyes, bush, camels, celldweller, chevelle, circle of dust, cky, cloud strife, coheed and cambria, color tinted, courage the cowardly dog, cowboy bebop, creed, criss angel, dashboard confessional, days lasting, deftones, depswa, dj icey, dogfight, dragons, dry cell, eating, ellone, eminem, emo, emo music, fall out boy, falling for alba, fear factory, finch, fire, fugazi, game informer, gamecube, godsmack, going nowhere, gravity kills, greenday, him, hopesfall, hot hot heat, incubus, inuyasha, invisible playing cards, ioanna, korn, lacuna coil, last in first out, lil o, liquid gang, lord of the rings, lost prophets, mad at gravity, magnuson, matchbook romance, metal fatigue, moneen, mudvayne, music, my cd collection, my lovely friends, name taken, never a dull moment, new found glory, nirvana, old spice, phantom planet, piercings, planescape torment, playstation 2, poison the well, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, rites of spring, role playing games, rufio, saliva, scapegoat wax, sean paul, seether, seven channels, sk8ers, sleeping, slipknot, smile empty soul, soulfly, spineshank, staind, static-x, stiff little fingers, story of the year, straylight run, switchfoot, system of a down, taking back sunday, taproot, tattoos, team booty meetings, the ataris, the beautiful mistake, the crow, the early november, the kite eating tree, the starting line, the strokes, the stryder, the used, the white stripes, thedilly, tool, unloco, until october, v shape mind, vampires, videogames, x-ecutioners, xbox, yellowcard, zelda